Searching for Dichotomy

Hi there!

I've been sifting through old favorite fiction pieces online and have been trying to track down more of the Dichotomy chapters (I found some of book 2 on your deviant art, adn some of book 1 here...) Did you guys ever get it published? Where can I find all of it these days?

Hope you both are well!
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Regarding Chapter 11

Hey everyone,

First off I wanted to say, "Thank you" for everyone who donated. Your small amounts equalled over $50 which really and truly helps me out so much. So really, thank you so much for the great responce. Once I'm back at home, I believe I'll type up a scene of Dichotomy that didn't actually make it into the final cut, but one that Rebecca and I both love. This, of course, will be written by me who is in no way as talented as Rebecca is, so be kind haha while reading.

Anyway, with that being said, Chapter 11 is finished and over to our beta. Rebecca has been terribly sick and as I'm sure most of you know, when sick creativity kind of goes out the window. BUT! We've finished chapter 11, so as soon as it comes back to us and we fix it up, we shall post, Shouldn't be too much longer

Kitty Borg

Dichotomy Donations

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Hello Everyone,

We are hard at work on chapter 11 of Dichotomy so not to worry!

However, the hosting cost of our website will be due in a week along with the domain renewal, and unfortunately, due to being laid off since the beginning of May, costs are incredibly tight at the moment. My unemployment JUST - down to the dollar - covers my living expenses and that does not count gas or eating so as you can imagine, things are kind of crazy at my place right now.

I would like to ask you all for some help. A donation through my hosting company, Dreamhost, has been set up, the funds go directly into my billing account with no way for me to get the money out to spend else where.

Of course Dichotomy will continue to be free, even if you do not donate, but I do hope some of you can spare a few dollars to help me out. Any amount will help and you can donate as much or as little as you'd like.

Thank you,

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Nightfall Chapter Four

No response to the character interview, so my mind waaandered over to poor, neglected, give-me-a-break Nightfall! It's been forever, so when you have a little extra time, I'd reread. The chapters are short:

F/F Vampire Romance, with vampires who stink at the whole mysterious Dracula/Twilight vampire thing

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:

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Hey guys,

We get a lot of feedback on FictionPress that says "You story was rec'ed to me and I just love it!" Only no one ever tells us WHERE it was reced. So my request is that if you come across our story rec'ed somewhere can you please tell us? We'd like to go to the site and see and thank those people who are recommending Dichotomy as a good rea.

Thanks all! You're the best!

We'll be getting out the next chapter shortly and also an image of Kier which will be used on the cover of book one. Currently, his bait and tackle be hangin out for the world to see, and as much fun as Kier is to look at naked, I'm not so sure Adrian would be down with the idea of everyone seeing him starkers.


We are working on the new chapter! There will be a few days' delay, however, because I am completing a packet in hopes of getting a state scholarship for my national boards. There was an annoying snafu with PRAXIS (teacher testing) not sending my scores out to me or my district...blah. Anyway, so I ended up having to do everything in five days. So there's my weekend!


Fanart =O

Hello :]
My username over on fictionpress is ChristDenied, I just signed up to LJ this morning and haven't got a clue how it works...this is my first ever post, so I apologize for any mistakes x] I'm not sure how uploading pictures works so I'm just going to link...

This is a pic I drew this a little earlier on mah graphics tablet, and it took me the best part of the's Kier after he had, in the words of Adrian Craft, caught himself on fire in Book two, chapter three....nobody else had attempted it, so I thought I'd give it a go :P

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Helm Eodor in Winter

I've been mucking about making spacescapes lately, and this idea kind of popped into my head last night. So I've been working on it pretty much all day. Well, since 3pm anyway. That's about 12 hours *haha* This is what Helm Eodor's castle looks like. This is an image of Kilkenny Castle, the only part of this image that was not created by me.

Bonus points if you can tell which glowy dots are planets and not stars. Hint: there are two of them. In all, Helmriche has 5 planets, they just don't know it at this point in our story: Two suns, one moon, Five planets an asteroid belt and their very own version of a Kuiper Belt. Lucky them, they haven't had to have the argument "Is Pluto a planet" yet ^_~

This is just a space view of the system Helmriche is located in. ^__^

If you want to see the other spacescapes I have done, you can check out my Deviant Art page:
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