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Fading Madness Productions

Dichotomy, Nightfall, and Curians, Oh My!

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Fiction written by Fading Madness Productions. Main piece, Dichotomy

Fading Madness Productions Live Journal
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Welcome! Here are Rebecca & Cassandra's up to date works as of... well... right now!

This livejournal is the best place to find FMP. Everything is posted here first, for crits and analysis, before being fixed up and posted at the FMP website. We welcome constructive crits, questions, accolades . . . anything! We thrive on all sorts of feedback! Since FMP is now a community, anyone is welcome to join as a full member and post questions, ideas, complaints, etc.

Rebecca (AKA Ryu~I) is FMP's co-creator, writer, and organizer. Based on IM conversations, she converts the scripts into narrative form, as well as organizing ideas and terms (obsessive compulsive? Eh? Never!) and updating the Livejournal and Y!Group. Rebecca is the creator and voice of Kier Blackwatch.

Cassandra is FMP's co-creator, artist, and pimp. She creates roughly half the characters as well as providing illustrations and spreading the word about FMP. She's taken over control of the FMP website, which can be found at http://dichotomy.fadingmadness.net! Cassandra is the creator and voice of Adrian Craft.

Currently, FMP is centered on:

  • Dichotomy - Two powerful men, one property, one a great lord, and both haunted by spectres of the past, are forced together by a society crumbling at the edges. To survive, they must find trust, friendship, and perhaps something more. [Slash, Het, Romance, Adventure]